A dedicated DLT & Fintech Advisory offering a range of auxiliary services and platforms.


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Our Services

Meta Luminor was set-up as a boutique advisory made up of international individual specialists who offer consultancy services to mainly New Tech industries. The team provides various services to corporate clients who require white paper creation and strategic advise for utility and security token creation, token marketing and launch as well as listings on exchange platforms. Through the teams international reach capital fund raising for specific projects could also be provided. Clients can also be introduced to various payment solution providers and white label DLT, Fintech & Crypto based platforms. Explore our services below.

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Sourcing IBANs

Advisory services to open IBAN accounts in the Eurozone, Africa, Asia, South & North America, East, Canada & the Middle East.

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Payment Processing

Advisory services to process monies in bulk in over 27 FIAT currencies in various jurisdictions as well as main Cryptocurrencies.

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DLT Frontier Africa

Experienced entrepreneurial technology experts providing IT solutions with various scope and reach for both the public and private sector.

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Online Payment Gateway

A merchant Epayment gateway allowing clients to install an API or through a link and dashboard transact in various currencies including using VISA & Mastercard.

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Blockchain RegTech

RegTech for blockchain, which together with our partners, serve as a foundation for the safe adoption and use of fintech, crypto movements and blockchain

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