Our Platforms

Meta Luminor has teamed up with a range of platforms to add value to our customers’ service offering. Learn more about our platforms which are listed below. 

meta luminor icon_crypto exchange

Crypto Exchange

Meta Luminor is also investing in a crypto exchange and brokerage platform which we hope to launch in just a few months.  It aims to offer an unparalleled trading experience.

meta luminor icon_cash to crypto

Cash to Crypto

Meta Luminor has partnered with an EU-wide Cash to Crypto ATM network allowing the easy, fast and secure purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies across Europe.

meta luminor icon_blockchain funding

Blockchain Funding

Focused on helping to tokenise some of the most life-changing creative projects in the DLT & Fintech space.

meta luminor icon_otc trading platform

OTC Trading Platform

We are partnered with one of the most liquid OTC desks globally potentially capable of trading USD ($) 40m worth of crypto per day.