OTC Trading Platform

We are partnered with one of the most liquid OTC desks globally potentially capable of trading USD ($) 40m worth of crypto per day. The Founder of Meta Luminor, Philip Maurice Mifsud as well as the OTC Trading Platform partners have been in the crypto space since its conception, with mining, exchanges, development, Crypto asset management.

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Our OTC Trading platform partner works directly through legal structures and maintains and execute deals through multi-jurisdictional escrow services. Our partner advisory team can be reached to complement requests from Malta, Estonia, Lithuania, Greece, London, Singapore, Turkey, Paris, Czech Republic, Croatia  Berlin, Frankfurt & Munich and Silicon Valley in the US, Seattle as well as New York, and other Asian markets.

Our offices literally operate 24/7, if only we had more time in a day.

We can also source through our partners crypto coin liquidity for UHNW, HNW’s, other family & institutional offices as well as exchanges. We also work directly with our clients’ needs and are consistently praised for aiding in seamless secure transactions on both the buy and sell side.

Compliant Escrow Services

Based in Malta (otherwise known as #blockchainisland) our services are 100% compliant. Escrow is available through licensed firms both here and in satellite locations all over the world.

Fast Settlement

We know that the market moves fast and want to help you take advantage of the opportunity in the best way possible. Our settlement traditionally happens in as little as 48 hours.

Private Transactions

All our clients are unique and we respect their privacy. Upon completing AML/KYC or KYB your information is held in our own internal cold storage and never used outside of our trade desk.

Deep Liquidity

Our clients are all over the world and with different needs every day. At any given point through our partners we have access to a staggering 5% of the overall market float.

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