Our Services

Meta Luminor has teamed up with a unique international combination of, Blockchain and DC innovators, data science and security specialists, IT, machine learning, Ex-AML compliance experts from 3 major global banks, data analysts, researchers, and visionary entrepreneurs across tech, media and finance.

Explore our services which are listed below:

meta luminor icon_sourcing iban

Sourcing IBANs

Advisory services to open IBAN accounts in the Eurozone, Africa, Asia, South & North America, East, Canada & the Middle East.

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Payment Processing

Advisory services to process monies in bulk in over 27 FIAT currencies in various jurisdictions as well as main Cryptocurrencies.

meta luminor icon_dlt frontier africa

DLT Frontier Africa

Experienced entrepreneurial technology experts providing IT solutions with various scope and reach for both the public and private sector.

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Online Payment Gateway

A merchant Epayment gateway allowing clients to install an API or through a link and dashboard transact in various currencies including using VISA & Mastercard.

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Blockchain RegTech

RegTech for blockchain, which together with our partners, serve as a foundation for the safe adoption and use of fintech, crypto movements and blockchain