Fintech Platform – Cash to Crypto

Meta Luminor has also partnered with an EU wide Cash to Crypto ATM network. These machines allow the easy, fast and secure purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies across Europe. They not only meet the highest security standards but are also flexible in use: Even a simple power and Internet connection is sufficient to operate these ATMs at any location.

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Your data will be stored to the highest security standards and will not be shared with third parties.


All you need to buy or sell cryptocurrencies is a wallet and a delivery address.


The entire transaction process at our machines usually takes only a few minutes.

Our Cash to Crypto service are by appointment only as KYC / AML, SOW & PEP process requires the right time. Our partners are the European market leader with 250+Cash to Crypto machines in 250+ Locations with over 50k Customers in over 6 EU Countries. Fill in the form below to inquire about this specialized service.

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