Fintech Advisory Services – Payment Processing

Meta Luminor also has the capacity to provide advisory services and introduce clients to 3rd party licensed EMI’s for processing and merchant settlements in bulk in over 27 FIAT currencies in various jurisdictions as well as main Cryptocurrencies.

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Our partner 3rd party providers processing fees vary on volume and currency type following successful onboarding.

Once onboarded and our 3rd party licensed providers are certain that your firm is abiding by all the latest international recognized AML & compliance procedures, an offering for SEPA and SWIFT transactions will be made.

The rates are obviously highly dependent on the risk appetite of the licensed institutions and based on volumes and organizational structure and approved internal processes of course.

We have now onboarded many satisfied returning clients from various jurisdictions and our clients remain loyal to us as we always propose the best 3rd party providers and because of our international network we are always on the ball with what current market rates are and more importantly  because our 3rd party partner providers do things by the book meaning they abide by the most stringent compliance rules in the industry.

So if you are running a licensed business or company in a regulated industry and are looking for serious stable providers who deliver great customer support and service please do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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