DLT Project Funding 

Through the relationship’s with Blockchain Generation a highly regarded DLT advisory firm based in Silicon Valley, USA, Meta Luminor’s Founder Philip Maurice Mifsud was also involved in creating strategies for the launch of various ICO’s, from concept, platform development, internal procedures, standards as well as workflow management. The Founders of BCG, Mr. Matt Grimms and Mr. Chuck Swenberg also introduced Philip to a whole network of some of the brightest minds and investors in the field working not only in the valley – but internationally.

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BlockChain Generation is focused on helping to tokenise some of the most life-changing creative projects in the DLT & Fintech space. In 2018 the BCG team helped source in excess of €710 Million for a 120 successful ICO’s one ICO alone was funded over half of that sum by various US based institutional investors. BlockChain Generation is a global advisory network so travelling to meet the smartest and brightest wherever they maybe are something the team loves to do although exhausting at times. 

For further information about what BCG offers feel free to visit www.bcghub.co

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